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Experienced Attorneys Committed to the Success of your Business

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Boogaard Attorneys thrives on understanding a client’s products, services and objectives when approaching the practice. We take  pride in being available to our clients and adopting a collaborative approach.

The following areas of law are where we focus our attention and growth, namely Company Law, Data Privacy, Business Contracts, Information Technology Law and Restraints of Trade. Boogaard Attorneys is proud to be associated and engaged with South African businesses which are supporting economic growth, entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation. 

We can assist with conveyancing instructions as well as patent and other IP law services via longstanding relationships we have established with two top Johannesburg law firms. 

11 Years of Experience

With 11 years practicing experience we are a South African law firm committed to supporting the growth of our clients.

Personalised professional services

We thrive on the challenges of navigating complex legal terrain in order to utilise our experience to support the success and growth of our client’s businesses.

Our Practice Areas

Company Law

We provide company law advice and services, having a sound understanding of applicable laws. We are enthusiastic to understand how our clients operate and then guide and advise them with legal advice in the context of their businesses. We offer excellent and expedient contract negotiation and drafting services.

Contract Law focusing on business related contracts

We believe drafting of legal agreements is an art requiring a good understanding of the client’s instructions, the applicable legal framework and the ability to relay these aspects in a clear and concise manner. We are proud to offer excellent and expedient contract drafting and negotiation services

Information Technology Law

Information Technology is fast paced and continuously changing and it is important that attorneys adapt themselves accordingly. We take pride in our collaborative approach and can assist in advising on the regulatory framework for Information Technology, Software development agreements, Software licensing; Maintenance and Support agreements; Contractual structures for Outsourcing and Online contracts.

Data Protection and Privacy Law

The right to privacy is not a new legal concept in South African law, however with the expansion of the internet it has become increasingly necessary both locally and abroad to address data protection in the form of legislation dealing specifically with this topic. We assist with POPIA advice, compliance and awareness sessions.

Restraints of Trade

Restraints of trade are important in protecting a business’s proprietary interests, however it is imperative, that the person drafting same, understands the manner in which South African case law has addressed restraints of trade over time, with special reference to enforceability, reasonableness and the proprietary interests sought to be protected.

Consumer Protection Act Compliance

Consumer Protection Act Compliance, including drafting of plain language contracts and overseeing of promotional competitions.

Conveyancing and Intellectual Property Law Referrals

We can assist with your Conveyancing and Intellectual Property Law matters due to our longstanding relationship with two excellent Johannesburg law firms focused in these areas of law.

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We Respect Our Clients

We recognise the challenges of the establishment and ongoing management of a business and the importance of its success to our society. We aim to convey this respect by providing excellent legal services that give our clients confidence in this aspect of their business.

We Love Good Communication

We thrive on understanding our clients’ needs in the context of applicable legal frameworks and then translating this into affordable and quality legal services.

We thoroughly enjoy our areas of focus in Corporate Law

We are passionate about our areas of focus, taking care to assist our clients in these areas in order that they can focus on their businesses.

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